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‍‍‍   Address : 361 West Main‍‍‍ ‍‍‍St, Hendersonville TN, 37075.

 Phone: 615-431-5600

Hours : Sun-Thurs 3pm-10pm

Fri 3pm-12am

Sat 10am-12am




Archery Ta‍‍‍g is adenaline pumping fun!  Think dodgeball but with bows and arrows.  You'll be grinning ear to ear the first time you find your target with a foam tipped arrow.


The clock will be a tickin’ and time goes by faster than you can imagine with average game times under 4 minutes.


This is a first person shooter in real life.  It doesn't hurt like paintball or airsoft but you will definitely know when you have been hit with an arrow.


We having developed 15 different 'game modes' for Archery tag and each one is‍‍‍ more fun that the last.  Come check it out and play Zombie, Civil War, or Free for All as starters!‍‍‍

So exciting and intense!

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Super fun!

A must visit site!

A whole lot of fun!

Besties night out!!! This place is absolutely awesome!

Dead & Breakfast


Jail BreakGovernment Secrets

Archery Tag is HERE!! Information Below.

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Dead and Breakfast

Old Lady Martha Crumble will make you her next victim if you don't get out in time.

Jailbreak 2

The local Sheriff plans on putting you away for good unless you can prove it wasn't you and get out in time.

Government Secrets

The government knows things; discover the truth, photograph it, share it, expose them, get out.

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Escape g‍‍‍‍‍‍ames

SImple ‍‍‍Complexity




Game Design flows, is simple but com‍‍‍‍‍‍plex, and is always beatable.  Games can be solved multiple ways in any order you happen upon.  Complexity of game design means unique gameplay for each group.

‍‍‍Our rooms allow players young and old to d‍‍‍iscover their inner Sherlock Holmes.

Each game is an opportunity to find hidden clues, solve unique mysterious  puzzles, or use items in a thoughtful and alternative way.

That timer is always ticking away and it seems to g‍‍‍o faster the longer you play.  Beat it before it hits zero!