So exciting and intense!

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Super fun!

A must visit site!

A whole lot of fun!

The Backstory:

A 60 minute room escape game that will challenge and excite, mixed with a dash of apprehension. Old lady Martha Crumble has locked you in a room in her Bed and Breakfast and intends on making you her latest offering. Using clues left by a former 'escapee', breakout in an hour or less to avoid your fate.

What it is:

This game can be likened to a scavenger hunt minus the list.  Find strange objects as you progress through the game and figure out how and where to use them.

Besties night out!!! This place is absolutely awesome!

Besties night out!!! This place is absolutely awesome!

Dead & Breakfast Intro

Dead & Breakfast

Find what you need, uncover hidden clues, solve themed brain teasers and beat your fate..



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