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Super fun!

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A whole lot of fun!

The Backstory:

After being paid to enter a secret facility, you find yourself locked in a government records room, something followed you and it sounds dangerous so going back isn't an option. What are they hiding? Follow the trail left by the mysterious 'Mr. Gray', find the secret, snap some proof, and get out before whatever it is behind you, finally catches up.

What it is:

This room is for young and aged to perfection alike.  Throughout the room, secrets will be revealed as you make your way through the game.  Heed the advice written on a simple blackboard and you may defeat your fate!

Besties night out!!! This place is absolutely awesome!

Besties night out!!! This place is absolutely awesome!

Government Secrets Intro:

Dead & Breakfast

Find a way in, think unconventionally, and beat this game of mystery and discovery.



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