So exciting and intense!

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Super fun!

A must visit site!

A whole lot of fun!

The Backstory:

A 60 Minute room escape that is far more challenging than it appears at first glance.

You were placed in a holding cell and the guard leaves you to investigate a disturbance elsewhere in the jail.  Figure out the many puzzle clues and crack the code to get out.  Find the interrogation room and beat them at their own game to Exit!

What it is:

This game is very puzzle heavy with a twist.  Adults tend to like this room more than kids but be prepared to think, examine, and communicate while working toward a very fast paced ending.

Besties night out!!! This place is absolutely awesome!

Besties night out!!! This place is absolutely awesome!

Jailbreak Intro

Dead & Breakfast

Find the puzzles, figure out the clues, get to the interrogation room and Exit the Game!!



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